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It can be incredibly inconvenient to harm your health for various reasons. In addition to the damage and loss itself, you may have to incur large expenses for not being able to pay due and timely attention to signs your health is giving you. It is no less true that many people, unable to pay for health insurance, neglect these signs and choose self-medication as a means of relief, but they cannot come to the aid of a health professional in due time. Definitely, we recommend << health insurance >>, although we do not sell it, but if you cannot, then our discount medical plan may be your best option.

We are the alternative solution that will allow you medical attention at low cost. Your discount medical plan guarantees you big savings on primary care, specialists, laboratory studies, diagnostic and imaging studies, savings on prescription drugs, savings on optics, hearing, savings on dental procedures and on your medical expenses, such as Example:

Emergency and hospitalization services. We really care about getting results for you and achieving a result that meets your needs. Our goal is to assist you through our contractual agreements with healthcare providers who participate in our network and provide their services to our members.

The bright feature



While the resulting damage may be worrying you, it may be resolved by our medical plan. Something very important that we want you to know is that you will be able to visit any doctor the same day of your enrollment, because as it is not a conventional health insurance, you do not have to wait any time to start using it.

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