Frequently Ask Questions

No. It is a medical discount plan.

Conventional health insurance pays a percentage of the services that you would receive when you visit a provider in that network and you assume the other part, which is known as an 80/20. Your insurance would pay 80% and you pay 20% as in many cases of hospitalization. For better information we recommend consulting a licensed agent.
Medical discount plans establish reduced rates through contractual agreements with network providers, and it is these rates that you would have to pay at the time you receive your services.
No. A medical discount plan does not pay for your medical expenses and it is against the law to do so.

Savings is the best answer. For example; If you visit a general medicine doctor in Miami Dade, your first visit could cost around $ 100.00, but if you are a member of our plan, the rate we have established is $ 40.00.

No. All people have the right to be a member regardless of their immigration status, even if they do not permanently reside within the United States.

Yes. Many times, a medical discount plan could help meet certain needs, such as; an immediate medical visit and often used as a supplement to your health insurance. A medical discount plan is in no way a substitute for health insurance. We recommend health insurance, although we do not sell it.

If you have not spoken to any of our representatives, you will find easy to use tools on our site so that you can become a member today. If you have already spoken to any of them, contact them and ask them to help you. Otherwise you can call us and we will gladly assist you in your registration: (305) 290-5218.

From the date of registration, each member will receive their card within the following 7 business days.

Yes. Our technology will allow you to download your temporary card. After you have registered as a member visit the “Member Resources” section and download it to your device.

Yes. You will never be bound by any agreement or contract.

Yes. You can do this at any time.

You have two options. The most comfortable for you is through the form that will be displayed when you have located the provider you want to visit. The other option is to call our customer service: (305) 290-5218

We cannot decide for you. We establish protocols in our agreements with service providers that in the case that they indicate studies and whenever they are not the emergency results, they deliver the Requisition Form and what you must do is request with the provider of the Laboratory or Diagnostic Center your appointment the same way you did your doctor. The other option is by calling our customer service: (305) 290-5218.

Yes. We recommend using these providers because we have already established preferential rate agreements for our members and it is the only way we can guarantee you great savings. If you use the services of third parties that do not participate in our network, most likely, you will end up paying unnecessary fees and stop receiving the benefit of savings.

With us there are no surprises! If we differentiate ourselves from other competitors it is precisely in our level of transparency. You can download a list of laboratory, diagnosis and image in our “Member Resource” section. In it you will find the studies that need to be done, the member price and the regular price, being able to know beforehand the fees that you will have to pay, plan your budget and find the benefit of your savings.