General medicine

Our participating general practitioners are recognized for their expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of venereal diseases and disorders and help prevent disease risks. That is why it is advisable to visit your doctor periodically for routine check-ups.

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What is a Comprehensive General Practitioner?

He is the specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine. He is part of an interdisciplinary team that tends to treat the individual in a comprehensive and personalized way, taking into account his social and health environment, being trained to understand other social and health realities where he must work in the future.

This specialist works within the community assuming the task of promoting and protecting health and its right to it, preventing endemic and prevalent diseases, diagnosing and treating individuals from that community who become ill, in a continuous and comprehensive manner, and organize and reference their passage through the health system in the event that some type of greater technical complexity is necessary. He will make the corresponding consultations with other specialists at the appropriate time, always looking for the counter-referral and the aforementioned follow-up of the patient.

What do we do

Our goal is to help you find the specialized care you may need and thus prevent any possible illness or disorder in time, giving you access to high-quality, personalized care from exceptional professionals

committed to their patients.