Internal Medicine

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The importance of Internal Medicine.


Internal Medicine is a medical specialty, fundamentally hospital, dedicated to the comprehensive care of the sick adult. Unfortunately, there is no correspondence between the specialist in Internal Medicine (internist) and a part of the human anatomy or with specific diseases, as happens with the cardiologist and the heart or ‘the rheumatologist’ and the rheumatologist.


The practice of Internal Medicine is not considered in terms of ‘mastering’ each of the neurological, cardiological, rheumatological diseases, etc., but of ‘caring for patients’ with diseases of different types from an integral vision of the patient as a whole and not like an organ puzzle. This approach so global, so integrative, so close to the patient and their ailment, gave Internal Medicine its character as a clinical specialty more than 100 years ago and makes the internist undoubtedly a specialist, but versatile and versatile, with a field of very broad action.

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Our goal is to help you find the specialized care you may need and thus prevent any possible illness or disorder in time, giving you access to high-quality, personalized care from exceptional professionals committed to their patients.