We have in our network the services of Eccolab Medical Clinic, one of the most modern and highly qualified clinical laboratories. Eccolab Medical Clinic helps our members with VIP prices guaranteeing great savings on any study that your doctor may indicate.


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The importance of clinical laboratory tests.

Clinical Laboratory examinations are a primary tool since through these different pathologies are diagnosed and studies are also carried out to establish the type of treatment that should be available to the patient, as well as its follow-up.

A medical diagnosis often depends on quality clinical analysis, because based on the precision and reliability of its results, a specialist decides what is best to treat this or that disease, as well as what is most convenient for the patient, according to with their personal characteristics.

Eccolab Clinical Lab offers clinical diagnosis support services, with qualified personnel of great human quality, continually innovating technological resources to guarantee reliable and timely results.


What do we do?

Our goal is to help you find the specialized care you may need and thus prevent any possible illness or disorder in time, giving you access to high-quality, personalized care from exceptional professionals

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