Our supplier network is composed by an exclusive group of professionals of health who were carefully selected by our providers’ relation department to give assistance to our members. The previously established deal is based fundamentally on the acceptance of reducing at a considerable level their fees, taking into account that our members are preferential for them. This means that our members will pay a pre-established fixed price allowing them to have immediate access whenever they need it. Our expectative are the benefits that our plan of discount could signify for you as a member. Remember that “Dynamic Medical Plan” is Not a Medical Insurance and that in no case pretends to compete with the industry of health insurance.

What happens if I have trouble using my member card with a provider?

Do you have problems with your card with a provider? These items will help. Our logistics is designed to precisely prevent this from happening. If ...

Are there restrictions to be a member of Dynamic Medical Plan?

No. Dynamic Medical Plan, is a “Medical Plan for Everyone”; where everyone qualifies.

As of my registration date; when does my membership start?

Your plan does not have a waiting period. You can start using your health plan from the same day you pay your membership.

How can Dynamic Medical Plan help me?

Our members come first. You will never feel alone. We offer two options for you and you can decide which one to use. Of many ways. Economy: You will save ...

How much?

Check our plans. Our prices are the must competitive in the marketplace.

How can I know how much money I can save?

Everything you need to know about how Dynamic Medical Plan can help you save up to 80% in your medical visits is shown in the following table.


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